Soldate Jeannette
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    Soldate Jeannette

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    80 min

    • German


    Fanni has had enough of money and leaves to buy a tent. Anna has had enough of pigs and leaves one needle in the hay. Cars crash and money burns to shape their mutual tune towards a rising liberty.


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    • Hivos Tiger Award - IFF Rotterdam
    • Special Achievement Award - Andrey Tarkovsky Fest
    • Golden Owl - Cinerama.bc Festival
    • Best Actress, Best Sounddesign - Diagonale IFF
    • Special Mention - Cracow Off plus Camera Festival



    Johanna Orsini-Rosenberg
    Christina Reichsthaler
    Josef Kleindienst
    Julia Schranz
    Aurelia Burckhardt
    Claus Philipp
    Daniel Hoesl
    Gerald Kerkletz

    Director's Statement

    I may be idealistic, but I believe in humankind. I risk sounding prophetic, but I feel our ability to love has gone astray. The ability to say, “Give me your hand,” or “Share my bread.” Am I idealistic when I wish we treated our orphaned children as well as we do a beloved animal? How funny I must sound when I say aloud, “Elephants are better humans.”
    We believe in the holy money, the holiness of the Federal Reserve, the communion of banks, the payout of interest and eternal assets. Amen. Instead, let’s bask in the burning inflation. We‘ll sing along and raise our voices as one. We are the mighty ones who have the power to bring down the religion of dollars and cents, pounds and pence. Life will rise like the sun. Like it has for Fanni and Anna. They are everyday soldiers. They wage battle against the forces that threaten to tear at their spirit. They succeed not by fighting, but by simply choosing not to do what they don‘t want to, by stealing the keys to liberty.



    Hoesl and his collaborators are trying something bold as soldiers of cinéma.

    James Greenberg, The Hollywood Reporter

    a bold throwback to the '60s

    The Hollywood Reporter

    The breaking out of two women is realised with strong imagery and visual power. Each shot is minimal but gives a high construction of forms and shapes; a very formalistic approach.

    The Jury Statement (Hivos Tiger Awards Competition)

    And then there was "Soldate Jeannette" (World Dramatic Competition). If I don't see another good movie for the rest of the festival, Jeannette has made it worthwhile.

    Kartina Richardson, Sun Times

    As funny as Dogtooth and as silently observational as Bestiaire.

    Michael Nordine, Filmthreat

    A very thoughtful, avant-garde thinker with a vision that differs from the current European status quo.

    Robert Bell,

    Daniel Hoesl

    Daniel Hoesl


    I am interested in radical concepts, in a narrative and aesthetic sense. Through photography and especially through the filmphilosophy by Gilles Deleuze I gathered interest in cinema.

    Daniel Hoesl (1982, Austria) received his Master’s in Multimedia Arts in 2006. He has worked as assistant director to Ulrich Seidl on the Paradise Trilogy (2012-2013) and In the Basement (2014), and with many other directors. He has made numerous short films, which he always produced himself. His first feature, Soldate Jeannette (2013), was produced by his collective The European Film Conspiracy and premiered at Sundance and International Film Festival Rotterdam, where it won a Hivos Tiger Award. His narrative feature WINWIN premiered in 2016. DAVOS (2020) was selected at Visions du Réel 2020.

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