Solving My Mother

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    Solving My Mother

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    104 min

    • Latvian


    Raitis Ozols is a computer programmer, mathematician and occasional magician. In his private life, however, things seldom work out with much mathematical precision. His relationship with his mother Silvija is particularly complicated. He discusses his inexplicable fear of his mother with his therapist, who would prefer for Raitis to look for a wife and organize his overflowing apartment. But when Raitis reports Silvija to the police for emotional blackmail, bringing some order into his adult life becomes all the more difficult. Recording as an omnipresent, invisible presence, the camera exposes these crippled relations in long, drawn-out scenes. We witness Raitis's painful attempts to get closer to women and an awkward direct confrontation with his father, as well as a tragic attempt at celebrating Easter with his mother, brother and grandfather. The ease with which Raitis can do complex sums in his head contrasts starkly with the difficulties he experiences in his relationships. The extremely intimate footage becomes ever more excruciating, as it almost heartlessly exposes how a mother-son relationship that was destructive to start with deteriorates even further.


    • Special Jury Award for First Appearance - IDFA



    Marcis Slavinskis
    Juris Poskus
    Ieva Ozolina

    Ieva Ozolina


    Ieva Ozolina was born in 1974, Riga. She studied sculpture and ceramics in the Academy of Arts of Latvia. For more that ten years designed museum exhibitions, did production design for theatre shows, participated in art symposiums and art shows. Due to her personal interest in human relationships and implementation of that in art, she took up film studies in the academy of Culture of Latvia. Her graduation film MY SIX MILLION DOLLAR FATHER was awarded Latvian national prize Big Kristaps. It also received the annual award by Latvian Ministry of Culture in film, was widely distributed and shown on numerous TV including Al Jazeera. Currently she’s working on her second documentary feature SOLVING MY MOTHER.

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