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Someone's Wife in the Boat of Someone's Husband

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Someone's Wife in the Boat of Someone's Husband

Directed by Edwin

  • South Korea, Indonesia 2013; 55 min
  • Original version: Indonesian
  • Genre: Drama

  • Other Jeonju Digital Project 2013 films: Strangers When We Meet by Masahiro Kobayashi and Over There by Zhang Lu

  • From the director of LOVE AND VENGEANCE presented at Asian Project Market


Mariana believes in the mysterious legend of the lovers Halimah and Sukab in the island of Sawai a hundread years ago. She journeys to Sawai to feel what Halimah once felt, hoping to find Sukab there. The people of Sawai never heard of the legend of the lovers. But there happened to be a young man named Sukab who also journeyed to the island in search of an ancient tribe Sukab and Mariana are in search of something they believe in.

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