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Directed by Enrico Parenti Stefano Liberti

  • Italy 2018; 65 min
  • Original version: Italian
  • Genre: Documentary


How does the growing demand for meat in China affect the Amazon rainforest? And why are Brazilian farmers being lured to Mozambique to farm soybeans? These are some of the questions that this classic investigative documentary attempts to answer.

SOYALISM follows the entire chain of pork production, from vast soybean plantations in the Brazilian rainforest to hypermodern slaughterhouses in China, where a spokesperson proudly reports that they can slaughter 600 pigs an hour. It describes the whole system as it has been created in the United States and exported across the world. Companies once restricted their operations to a single link in the chain, but since the 1970s a number of powerful corporations have slowly but surely taken over the entire industry: from feed production, which is primarily soybeans, to the slaughterhouses, and to the distribution of the final product.

Interviews and animations reveal the disastrous consequences of the ever-increasing industrialization of the food industry for both humans and the environment.



    Susanna Trojano