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Spoon (Karote)

Directed by Laila Pakalniņa

  • Latvia, Norway, Lithuania 2019; 65 min
  • Original version: No dialogue
  • Genre: Documentary


The ordinary plastic spoon has tried to pull the wool over our eyes. But how long could it feign harmless unimportance? Only until Laila Pakalniņa cast her piercing glance its way. This distinctive Latvian documentarist knows very well how much paradoxical effort people and machines have invested in the manufacture of disposable utensils, and so she can’t hide a heartless smirk. After all, this plastic servant will breathe its last just as its existence finally begins to have meaning. With humor drawn from the surprising possibilities cinema has to offer, this wordless film sings a dirge for an icon of our bloated civilization: a piece of cheap plastic that will likely soon fade into history.



    Laila Pakalniņa