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    90 min

    • Spanish


    Everything happens in one single night.
    Any given night for him.
    But a key night for her.
    And even though they don't know it, after that only night they will be tied up forever.


    • Best New Actor - Goya Award
    • Best Director, Best Actress, Best New Screenwriter, Special Mention Critics Jury, Signis Prize for Best Picture - Malaga FF
    • Transilvania Trophy, Best Performance Award - Transilvania IFF



    Javier Pereira
    Aura Garrido
    Isabel Peña
    Rodrigo Sorogoyen
    Alejandro de Pablo
    Juan Divassón

    Director's Statement

    I remember telling this story for the first time in April 2007. I wanted to tell the story of a guy and a girl who begin to know each other in one single night. A real love story that in the middle turns into a nightmare. For six years I have told the story infinite times. For instance, I told it to Isabel Peña when I asked her to write it with me. To Javier Pereira when I asked him to feature in it. And so on, to all the people who have joined the project and without whom, in one way or another, it would have been impossible to film "Stockholm" with such a tight budget and without the financial help of any institutional subsidy. Obviously, the more people that joined the project, the more my discourse was distorted and of course, the richer the film became. I read the first review about "Stockholm" very recently. Apart from many other things, it said that our movie talks about a generation that "should let love go by as if it was a train, otherwise we spoil it." When I first read this, I realized how well the journalist had understood our movie. Afterwards, I thought how well I had explained the story for the last six years. But later on I realized that everyone I had told it, everyone that has worked on "Stockholm" belongs to that same generation, (not any actor or leader of any department is above 40 years old). And I understood that it is not that I explained the story very well, but that all of us have lived a story just like this, and that we are all moved by it some way or another. And, thanks to this unique circumstance, the discourse of the movie, that story I first told six years ago, remains valid, remains intact. It has taken me six years to realize the real value of "Stockholm". It is the fact that it speaks about something very important for us: how the people from a whole generation relate to each other. How the people from our generation love each other.



    ...thoughtful, carefully-worked second feature

    Jonathan Holland, The Hollywood Reporter

    An unsettling, minimalist meditation on the hidden dangers of teen romance...

    Jonathan Holland, The Hollywood Reporter

    Rodrigo  Sorogoyen

    Rodrigo Sorogoyen


    In 2008 his first movie, 8 CITAS, is released and very well received by both critics and public. During the following years he writes and directs several TV series as he founds, together with three other partners, the production company Caballo Films. With STOCKHOLM he has won the best director award in the 2013 Malaga Film Festival, Best New Director Award in the Cinema Writers Circle Awards, and has been nominated for the Goya Awards for Best New Director.

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