Strange Birds

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    Strange Birds

    Drôles d’oiseaux

    Directed by



    70 min

    • French


    Mavie is 27 years old and has just moved to the French capital from the provinces. She dreams of a future as a writer but is plagued by doubt and uncertainty. 76-year-old misanthrope Georges runs a bookshop in Paris – or has he merely been forced to take refuge there to escape his past? These are two peculiar creatures indeed. Georges is cynical and no longer expects much from life, while Mavie is still brimming with expectation. Yet something magical happens between them, until Georges' dark secret suddenly catches up with him – and Mavie is caught up in something very different...



    Lolita Chammah
    Jean Sorel
    Virginie Ledoyen
    Pascal Cervo
    Elise Girard
    Anne-Louise Trividic
    Renato Berta
    Thomas Glaser

    Director's Statement

    When I started working as a press officer for Action cinémas, my bosses were 35 years older than me. My friends were saying how hell it must be to work with two old men. I didn’t understand what they meant as I have always thought that age did not matter in getting along with someone. I wanted to talk about this, two persons who get along in spite of their age difference. I also wanted to talk about something which fascinates me: people who change life, who disappear. I imagined a young woman who falls for a man with an obscure past. Thus adding some romanticism to an impossible love story. Finally, the background idea of the film was to talk about growing into adulthood, the moment where we make the choice of what our life will be. Mavie is incredibly lonely. Georges “allows” her to be who she is and gives her the possibility of growing. He understands her, and it is the first time that she encounters someone who does.



    A modest but delightful mystery that interweaves romance, literature, ecological concerns and the eternal beauty of Paris with a light touch.

    Lisa Nesselson, Screen Daily

    Strange Birds is a charming film...engaging and, at times, surprising.

    Vladan Pekovic, Cineuropa

    Elise Girard

    Elise Girard


    Elise Girard was born in Thouars, France. She studied Applied Foreign Languages and‚ Techniques et Langage des Médias‘ (media techniques and language) at the Sorbonne in Paris before focussing on screenwriting, and subsequently writing her dissertation on Cléo de 5 à 7 by Agnès Varda. From the late 1990s, she worked in public relations and programming for Cinémas Action, run by Jean-Max Causse and Jean-Marie Rodon in Paris, which became the subject of her first documentary film. Since then, she has worked as a screenwriter and director. Following BELLEVILLE TOKYO, STRANGE BIRDS is her second feature film.