Directed by Mehdi Hmili

  • Tunisia;
  • Original version: Tunisian
  • Genre: Drama

  • THALA MON AMOUR previous work of director Mehdi Hmili, available for screening on Festival Scope


Amel works in a factory in Tunis. She lives with her alcoholic husband Tahar, a former local football player, and their only son Moumen, a talented teenage football goalkeeper. To convince the boss of the factory to provide her with connections for her son, Amel betrays her fellow workers, who have been organizing a strike. Amel meets the connection: Imed, a wealthy businessman, who takes advantage of the situation and abuses Amel. She surrenders to his advances in order to offer her son the opportunity of a lifetime. But the police catch them.

Director's Statement

STREAMS is the interweaving of three themes that have always haunted me: family, guilt and redemption. Through them, I try to describe and translate into an economy of words and gestures, the complexity of the existence of a family. This film is also a way for me to return to my past as a young footballer in Tunis and to film these three worlds that I crossed with fury and noise: family, football and the street. STREAMS is the uncompromising portrait of a society that cannot get rid of the demons of the past. A society in full collapse.



    Moufida Fedhila