Strike a Rock

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Strike a Rock

Directed by Aliki Saragas

  • South Africa 2017; 87 min
  • Original version: English
  • Genre: Documentary


Marikana is a mining town in South Africa where police opened fire on striking workers in 2012, killing a shocking total of 34 men. It marked the start of a grim conflict between women from the community and the mining company, which breached its obligations for worker housing in scandalous ways. The two leading campaigners are grandmothers, one of whom, the indomitable Primrose, even manages to win a seat in parliament, raising their battle for justice to a whole new level. In this intimate, close-up account, the poor but utterly determined women question why they get so little in return for the valuable platinum that's mined there, day in and day out, for wealthy British people. Their years-long struggle for justice and recognition is being ignored by the higher-ups at the company, so what should the women do to make sure they are heard? Will the solidarity and close friendships in the village survive the onslaught from the forces at the center of power, or will their struggle be used for political gain?




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