Sumé - The Sound of a Revolution

Not available for screening anymore

Sumé - The Sound of a Revolution (Sumé - Mumisitsinerup Nipaa)

Directed by Inuk Silis Høegh

  • Greenland, Denmark, Norway 2014; 73 min
  • Original version: Greenlandic-Inuit
  • Genre: Documentary


In the 1970s the Greenlandic rock band Sumé released three albums that changed Greenland's history. The group’s political songs were the first to be recorded in the Greenlandic language – a language that prior to Sumé didn’t have words for “revolution” or “oppression”. After 250 years of Danish colonization Sumé set in motion a revival of Greenlandic culture and identity, and paved the way for a Greenlandic home rule government. And the country's first uprising against the Danish colonial powers.



    Emile Hertling Péronard