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    93 min

    • Spanish


    During one hot summer day, little things happen to the visitors and workers of an old spa resort in southern Chile. Julieta, Francisco, Isa, Rodrigo, Ignacio, Mariana, Muriel, Gabriela, Eliseo, Norma, Alejandra and Claudio experience the long vacation hours in nature, sleeping in the sun, learning how to drive, cleaning the house, kissing for the first time, swimming at night or just walking and talking, while the day slowly unravels into small fragments of happiness and discovery.


    • Jury Special Prize / International - Yerevan IFF


    Julieta Figueroa
    Francisco Ossa
    Rosario Blefari
    Ignacio Aguero
    Jose Louis Torres Leiva
    Inti Briones
    Andrea Chignoli
    Jose Luis Torres Leiva

    Director's Statement

    This is a narrative made up of multiple stories, but it is not a choral film. There is a centre and many branches that break off from the centre. Their principal axes are precisely these small moments, the invisible instants of everyday life that all of the characters who cross through the film experience. It is a story that walks a thin line between beauty and desperation. To wander in the forest, the joy of losing oneself, to not belong to any place. It is a story that lives in the interior of the characters but also on the exterior of what surrounds them. For them, the world is open, both the forest and the sky that shelters them. It is a story about solitude, but also about love; it is about the essence of feelings and the discovery of what we would like to be or to accomplish in our lives.

    José Luis Torres Leiva

    José Luis Torres Leiva


    I do also have an obsession with the movies created by the Lumiere brothers and their cameramen. I was very impressed to have had the chance of seeing so pure, perfect works where the director is absolutely 'erased'

    José Luis Torres Leiva (1975) won the distinguished Fondart State Award for his 16mm short film LOS MUERTOS (1998) at the age of 23. Since then he has made several critically acclaimed independent videos, including NO PLACE NOWHERE (2004, doc) and THE TIME THAT RESTS (2007, doc). His first fiction feature, THE SKY, THE EARTH AND THE RAIN, was nominated for a Tiger Award and won the FIPRESCI Award at the IFFR in 2008. SUMMER had its premiere at the Venice film festival in 2011, followed by his documentary SEE AND LISTEN (2013). EL VIENTO SABE QUE VUELVO A CASA was selected at IFFR and Cinema Du Réel in 2016. It won the Best Film Award in the Documentary Competition at FICCI.

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