Summer night, half past ten

Summer night, half past ten

Directed by Ivana Mladenovic


Ana, a Serbian actress living in Romania, comes back to her hometown on the other bank of the Danube river to be the image of the music festival that celebrates the friendship between the two nations. She reluctantly accepts, though she has hypochondriac attacks, as her family calls them, and she sneaks daily from the house to make out with a boy who is 13 years younger than her. But when she gets caught in political games and brings her Romanian friends for a provocative performance, nothing goes according to the plan.

Director's Statement

This project is highly autobiographical, the script is inspired by my own life experiences with friends and family. I assume certain people might say “you know, what seems interesting to you because you’ve lived it, is not necessarily interesting for others to watch”. But when I began writing and things started pouring down on paper, I slowly took distance from the facts and with each draft, typologies emerged, the story shaped into something more accessible for anyone to relate to, to identify with. One doesn’t always know exactly what fascinates him/her regarding a true story and by merely writing it, shaping it, organizing and modifying the material, the essential slowly emerges to the surface.



    Jelena Mitrovic, Ada Solomon