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Summerhouse (Ljetnikovac)

Directed by Damir Čučić

  • Croatia 2018; 73 min
  • Original version: Croatian
  • Genre: Documentary


Ljetnikovac, or the summer house. But here we are in winter, and the hotel is now empty for its tourists crowding the Croatian coast in high season have all fled. There’s snow at the edge of the road. In a white and deserted framework (including the restaurant tablecloths, so uncanny and somewhat unsettling), Vojin, a blind radio broadcast producer, proceeds to invite, one by one, three characters whose testimony of episodes of violence experienced in their childhood he wishes to record. Days go by as interviews are conducted along with personal conversations during meals. The rarefied gestures punctuating this everyday flow create a false routine in this universe so full of suspense, thus allowing such deception to occur when facing the troubles evoked by the stories being told.