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    Sunday 6th April, 11:42 a.m.

    Domenica 6 Aprile, ore 11:42

    Directed by



    6 min

    • Italian


    Sunday, 6th April 11:42 a.m. is a video about landscape understood as a complex network of connections that guide relationships between people. It is a video that focuses on the relationships between actions and places, movements and the environment, because it points out that people are the place in which they live as well as the trajectories which the place itself creates. The video underlines the reciprocal connection between environment and its inhabitants, where territory plays an inevitable role also in its anthropomorphic transformations.


    Elisa Alfieri
    Michele Argentati
    Enrico Bartocci
    Cristiano Ceriano
    Giulia Cingolani
    Camilla Fraternale
    Filippo Fraternale
    Valentina Impiglia
    Ylenia Pace
    Riccardo Piacini
    Alessandro Tagliapietra
    Andrea Gorla
    Maurizio Barcella



    Our work is moving along an ideal border-line, the one of meaning, which articulates the difference between possibility and impossibility, between movement and pose (pause).

    Flatform is a group of artists founded in 2006 and based in Milan and Berlin. The group works on video, video installations and mobile installations. Works by Flatform have been featured in several film festivals all over the world such as IFF Rotterdam, Nouveau Cinema Montreal, Venice Film Festival, Melbourne Film Festival and in many exhibitions in museums and institutions including, among others, the Wexner Center for the Arts, Columbus Ohio and the Centre Pompidou, Paris. Awards: Screen Festival 2008 in Oslo; 25FPS 2009 in Zagreb; Lago Film Festival 2010 in Revine Lago. Their latest short film THAT WHICH IS TO COME IS JUST A PROMISE (2019) premiered at the 51st edition of Directors’ Fortnight.

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