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    16 min

    • Estonian

    Drama, Short

    I have friends who have said they’ve never seen their father. In response I’ve said, don’t you have a mirror at home? Those who have a father call their naturally inherent bad character traits genes passed down from their parents. And they call their good traits their own. We need a microscope to find our parents’ good attributes deposited into ourselves through reflective neurons. Yet even without a microscope, the question arises: am I ready to be a father if my father inside me hasn’t dissolved?


    Kaido Veermäe
    Tõnis Niinemets
    Martti Helde
    Erik Põllumaa
    Sten-Johann Lill
    Jaak Ollino Jr.
    Pärt Uusberg

    Director's Statement

    Superbia is a father-son drama that alludes to a timeless theme. It is the story of two men reflecting a common fate. Pride concealed within all of us and the need to suppress it carry this story forward. Superbia touches on the wish to be better than one’s parents. To be smarter. And to be braver. Just as our fathers and grandfathers also wanted to be.

    Martti Helde

    Martti Helde


    I'm guided by my inner feelings - what gets me going, what is important to create for society.

    Martti Helde is an award-winning writer, director and a playwright, born in Estonia. His first feature length period drama IN THE CROSSWING (2014) received a wide resonance in international media and was awarded as the Best Estonian Film by th e Estonian Film Journalists Association (member of FIPRESCI). The same year, the film was selected for the international Toronto Film Festival, making IN THE CROSSWIND the first Estonian film included in the festival’s main programme. His film SCANDINAVIAN SILENCE (2019) had its European premiere in Karlovy Vary’s East of the West competition where it won the Europa Cinemas Label Award.
    Martti Helde is a highly valued young author for his daring ideas and innovative approach to the form and language of the film. His creative handwriting is characterized by tying together complex and diverse mediums; as well as Helde’s passion to pla y with the dramaturgy and form – attributes that are vividly demonstrated in all of his works.

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