Superheroes without Superpowers

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    Superheroes without Superpowers

    Supereroi senza superpoteri

    Directed by



    13 min

    • Italian


    Someone puts a VHS in a videorecorder. As soon as the videotape is played, all kinds of television images appear on the screen, consumed by time and often unrecognisable. These are Beatrice’s childhood memories. Not only have the videotapes inevitably been ruined by time, but so have her childhood memories. This is the beginning of a journey in which the filmmaker processes some moments of her life and relives her relationship with her sick mother. Thanks to this painful quest, the filmmaker reconstructs her most intimate narrative in an attempt to rediscover what she had lost.


    • International Short Documentary Competition Best Film - Bosphorus FF
    • Special Mention FEDIC for Best Short Film - Venice IFF


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    Beatrice Baldacci

    Beatrice Baldacci


    Born in Città di Castello in 1993.
    After completing a year of studies in Psychological Sciences and Techniques at the University of Padua, in 2014 she enrolled in the Rome University of Fine Arts (RUFA) film course, where she carried out the photographic project "I find myself where I want to be" exhibited at the Palazzo Ducale in Genoa.
    In 2015, she attended the academy following courses in directing, cinematography and photography with professors Daniele Ciprì and Fabio Mollo. The same year she won the award for best photography at the 48 Hours Film Project.
    In 2017, she graduated with honors presenting the short film CORVUS CORAX (2017) which won numerous national and international awards. In 2018, she attended the basic course of directing at the Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia with the professor Claudio Cupellini realizing the short film ATTENTI AL CANE! (2018) She won the Zavattini 2019 Award during which she made the autobiographical documentary SUPERHEROES WITHOUT SUPERPOWERS (2019), which premiered at the Venice Film Festival.