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Directed by Arthur Pratt

  • Sierra Leone, USA 2018; 86 min
  • Original version: English
  • Genre: Documentary


A collective of filmmakers in Sierra Leone followed the everyday lives of a group of emergency workers during the Ebola crisis of 2014, when over a period of 21 months, thousands of people in West Africa became infected with the deadly virus.

With filmmaker and pastor Arthur Pratt as a guide, the film focuses on a number of central figures, including the ambulance driver Mohamed and the nurse Margaret. Both work long hours and risk their own lives because they constantly come into contact with infected patients, albeit wearing protective clothing and following strict hygiene rules. SURVIVORS presents them as heroes who keep working to help the people of their country, despite their own fears and exhaustion. They also come under pressure from their families, who are afraid they will bring the disease home with them, and are often suspicious of the ever-present Western aid organizations.

Highlighting the contribution of African nationals in solving this crisis, this compelling film features courageous individuals against the backdrop of a country that is still far from stable after years of civil war. Sierra Leone seems virtually powerless in the face of this appalling humanitarian crisis.