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Swamp (Tierra Mojada)

Directed by Juan Sebastián Mesa

  • Colombia 2017; 17 min
  • Original version: Spanish
  • Genre: Drama


In the middle of a jungle canyon, Oscar, a 13-year-old boy, finishes making two shallow graves. His house is located in the middle of a large hydroelectric project and it is the last day to evacuate it. A chainsaw noise can be heard in the distance. An exhausted Oscar enters his home, a final time. Two elderly emberá, his grandparents, patiently wait in the kitchen. The somber silence enveloping the house is interrupted by a loud rumble echoing across the valley. Shrouded in silence, they leave through the courtyard. The fate of each, just beginning to be marred by the violent incursion of progress that has dyed red all over the place.

Director's Statement

This is an approach to the harshness of uprooting, through a reconstruction exercise, which I do based on the testimonies of peasants and indigenous communities displaced by hydroelectric plants. The strength of this story lies largely in what is not said, in what is not seen. I am interested in achieving a narrative depth by means of image and sound, which surpasses any rhetorical discourse.



    Alexander Arbelaez