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Swimming (Schwimmen)

Directed by Luzie Loose

  • Germany 2018; 101 min
  • Original version: German
  • Genre: Drama


Elisa lives alone with her mother. Bullied at school, she is approached by the bold Anthea and the two become the best of friends despite their different backgrounds. Everything seemed difficult when they were alone, but now that they have each other and nothing is impossible. To hold on to this precious relationship, the two girls begin vlogging their daily lives. What begins as an innocent game soon becomes a violent revenge plot against the classmates that bullied Elisa. As made obvious in the film, smartphones and social networking have become the most powerful building blocks making up the world of young people today. Yet the emotions born of this virtual network can easily control and twist the girls’ feelings and beliefs. By portraying girls that are both victims and perpetrators of violence in both the real world and the virtual world, the film makes plain the world in which young people live today. This world that makes faster communication and expanded relationships possible becomes another social arena we must swim across.



    Philipp Raube