Tales of Two Who Dreamt
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    Tales of Two Who Dreamt

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    Canada, Mexico


    87 min

    • Hungarian


    Once upon a time, there was an aging tower block in Toronto, a place where people would wait for their asylum applications to be processed, a place you’d hardly call inviting. The trains would rattle alongside, the police would wait by the lifts to prevent robberies and the netting before the balconies would flutter, a reminder for people not to jump. A place of hardship perhaps, but also one of imagination, for waiting offers fertile soil for legends, fables and dreams. And so the inhabitants would repeat stories to themselves, just as they would repeat what should or should not be said at their asylum hearings. There’s the tale of the dog left to starve in an empty flat, the tale of the lawyer’s child, and the tale of the boy who woke up to find himself transformed into a bird. You’d think all these stories could make for a mesmerising film and you’d be right, but what sort of film would it be? An observational documentary, a family portrait they themselves help mould, a Kafka-esque fairy story, the making-of the same? But there are no clear explanations here, for it is also a place of infinite shifting boundaries. If you want answers, you might as well ask the devil.


    • Special Mention - RIDM



    Sandor Laska
    Sandorné Laska
    Timea Laska
    Alexander Laska
    Jozsef Radics
    Orsika Radics
    Jennyfer Radics
    Dani Laska
    Norbi Tokes
    Viki Lask
    Andrea Bussmann
    Nicolás Pereda
    Noe Rodriguez
    Andrea Bussman
    Andrea Bussmann


    There is a turning point expressed with a beautiful concern: where does a fiction comes from?

    Roger Koza, Otros Cines

    Blends elements of fairytale and documentary in an elliptical portrait.

    Lucy Cameron, The Upcoming

    Nicolás Pereda

    Nicolás Pereda


    I’m not interested in capturing reality; I’m interested in talking about it. Realism and hyperrealism have nothing to do with this.

    Born in 1982 in Mexico, in 2007 Nicolás Pereda wrote, directed and edited his first feature film, WHERE ARE THEIR STORIES?, for which he won the Best Film Award at the Morelia IFF the same year. In 2009 he directed PERPETUUM MOBILE, INTERVIEW WITH THE EARTH, a documentary short, and TOGETHER. His next film, SUMMER OF GOLIATH (2010), won several festival prizes, including the Orizzonti Award at Venice. The same year Nicolás Pereda also made ALL THINGS WERE OVERTAKEN BY SILENCE. MINOTAUR (2015) was selected at Viennale, International Film Festival Rotterdam and in FICUNAM, where he also presented TALES OF TWO WHO DREAMT (2016), co-directed with Andrea Bussmann. His latest film, MY SKIN, LUMINOUS (2019), was co-directed by Gabino Rodríguez and premiered at the Locarno Festival. His latest work is the film FAUNA (2020).

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    Andrea Bussmann

    Andrea Bussmann


    Sometimes we carefully arrange things in the frame, sometimes we film people, things and places just as we find them. Sometimes it's a mix. In all cases we are completely aware of our subjectivity. The screen is not a window to reality, it's an interpretation of reality.

    Born in Toronto, Canada, Andrea Bussmann earned a Master’s in social anthropology and a Master’s of Fine Arts in film production. After completing her degrees, she directed her first short, HE WHOSE FACE GIVES NO LIGHT, in 2011. In 2016, she co-directed with Nicolás Pereda TALES OF TWO WHO DREAMT, which premiered at the Berlinale. Her latest, FAUST (2018), screened in the Cineasti del presente competition at Locarno and was her feature-length solo debut.

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