Talking About Adultery

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Talking About Adultery

Directed by Bara Jichova Tyson

  • Czech Republic, USA 2019; 72 min
  • Original version: English
  • Genre: Experimental, Documentary


What does it mean to live in a committed relationship? Determined to probe the relationship between infidelity, sex and marriage, Bara Jichova Tyson creatively intertwines collage, archive and confessional interviews with unseen subjects. In doing so she gets subjects to open up about the often extraordinary lengths that they go to in order to lead lives enriched by both love and desire.

Director's Statement

Talking About Adultery was an opportunity to create an intimate conversation among many people on the theme of trust and honesty and create space for the viewers to continue those conversations, which can be difficult and uncomfortable. As a director, I strongly believe that sex and politics are not exclusive of each other, and exploring the troubles with intimate relationships is an important way to understand a larger disharmony—with ourselves as much as with others. As an artist who grew up in the former socialist republic of Czechoslovakia and now living in USA, I have always been interested in the possibility/impossibility of trust between people and also the imaginary stories people tell themselves to justify how they live, who they are and who they want to be. I understand relationships among people as being a constant reassembly of different parts—elements of personality, history, beliefs, values, culture, memory, experience, geography—all of which change



    Bara Jichova Tyson