Tamara and the Ladybug

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    Tamara and the Ladybug

    Tamara y la Catarina

    Directed by

    Mexico, Spain


    107 min

    • Spanish


    Toronto IFF - Contemporary World Cinema

    Tamara is an almost forty year old woman suffering from mental retardation, left alone after Paco, her brother and only companion. Despite her loneliness she continues with her daily routine, even if her life is rapidly thrown into disarray. One day, Tamara’s fascination with ladybugs leads her to stray away from her neighborhood. Then she finds a baby girl at a newspaper stand who seems to be all alone. Without any regard for the consequences, she decides to take her and protect her. Mrs. Meche, a seventy-year-old woman who lives alone in the same neighborhood discovers the baby in Tamara’s house. She has no other choice to become involved. The film depicts the story of this two women who have become faded in their loneliness and invisibility and how they will find in each other a space where rather than being outcasts they feel finally needed.


    • Art Kingdom Award, FIPRESCI Award - Los Cabos IFF


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    Ángeles Cruz
    Angelina Peláez
    Mercedes Pascual
    Harold Torres
    Gustavo Sánchez Parra
    Lucía Carreras
    Pablo Cervantes
    Lucía Carreras

    Lucía Carreras


    With a Master's Degree in screen writing from the Intercontinental University and Hamlin University in the U.S. she has consolidated herself as a writer receiving the Writers Support and the Project Development granted by the Mexican Film Institution with two differents feature film scripts NOS VEMOS, PAPA (SEE YOU, DAD) and SUERTE DE ETERNIDAD, which also won in 2009 the Alejandro Galindo Award. She is co-writer of the film LA CAMA (THE BED) directed by Rafael Montero and ANO BISIESTO (LEAP YEAR) from director Michael Rowe. AS a director she has carried out several short films such as GUADALAJARA Y LA NOCHE, LA PUERTA, EMILIO and JACINTO PATA SAGRADA. Her feature film debut SEE YOU, DAD (2011). Her film THE GREATEST HOUSE IN THE WORLD (2015), which she co-directed with Ana V. Bojórquez, was selected for the Berlinale Generation.

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