Tany Mena

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    Tany Mena

    Directed by

    Madagascar, Mauritius


    6 min

    • French

    Animation, Documentary

    An unconventional stop motion animation portrait of Antananarivo, the Capital city of Madagascar, through the eyes of its inhabitants.



    Voices: Andriamanalina Tahintsoa
    Mirante Rafanomezana
    Yannick Tojonantenaina Andrianambonisoa
    Masinirina Andrianandrasana
    Fitahiana Randriamiharisoa
    Cecile Bidaud
    Annie Andriantsivelany
    Loris Behanzin
    Tahina Rakotoarivony
    Taka Andrianavalona
    Mat Li
    Tax Tahiry Ratsimba
    Kim Yip Tong
    Kim Yip Tong
    Kim Yip Tong
    Kim Yip Tong
    Faly Rakotoarivony
    Kim Yip Tong

    Kim Yip Tong


    Kim Yip Tong is a multi-disciplinary artist from Mauritius who studied art at Olivier de Serres in Paris and at Central Saint Martins in London. She also obtained an MA in Information Experience Design at the Royal College of Art in London. Working across media and media, Kim likes her art to be in motion, whether through moving image, animation, kinetic installations or paintings. Her projects bring people together, trigger their imagination and encourages them to learn and wonder. In the context of today’s ecological crisis, Kim’s research focuses on the natural history and the construction of identity of Post-colonial realities. Through her practice, Kim contributes in answering what is means to be a Mauritian artist and an Indian Ocean Artist and citizen today. She has participated in international festivals including Sonar +D Barcelona, Jena Fulldome festival in Germany, Fulldome UK and Blue Dot festival in the UK and Porlwi by Nature in Mauritius. She had 2 solo exhibitions at the Sunbury Embroidery Gallery and Art Panorama in the UK. Her latest short film TANY MENA (2018) is selected in competition at Annecy IAFF 2019.