Tehran: City of Love

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Tehran: City of Love

Directed by Ali Jaberansari

  • Iran, Netherlands, United Kingdom 2018; 102 min
  • Original version: Farsi
  • Genre: Drama


Mina is a receptionist at an upmarket beauty clinic. Unhappy about her weight but addicted to ice cream, she catfishes men she encounters at work. Hessam, a retired bodybuilder who trains affluent older men, is cast in a film with Louis Garrel, someone neither he – nor anyone around him – has ever heard of, even if the producer assures him that the French actor is very famous. Meanwhile Vahid, a singer at religious ceremonies and an expert mourner, is convinced by his friends to try singing at weddings after his girlfriend breaks up with him.



    Ali Jaberansari 

International Sales


    Alberto Alvarez Aguilera