Thanatos, Drunk

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Thanatos, Drunk (Zui Sheng Meng Si)

Directed by Chang Tso-chi

  • Taiwan 2015; 107 min
  • Original version: Taiwanese, Mandarin
  • Genre: Drama
    • Grand Prize, Best Narrative Feature, Best Actor (Hong-Chi Lee), Best Supporting Actor (Jen-Shuo Chen), Best Supporting Actress (Hsueh-Feng Lu), Press Award - Taipei FF
    • Best Supporting Actress (Lu Xuefeng), Best New Performer (Lee Hong-Chi), Best Action Choreography, Best Editing - Taipei Golden Horse FF


The camera follows closely on the heels of two brothers – one gay, the other straight. Both are looking for a job in order to survive. But both are also looking for themselves and long to find a foothold in life. The younger brother sells vegetables at the market where he meets a young woman who cannot speak but who gets up to all sorts of crazy things. The older brother is attracted to a dancer at a nightclub and finds himself drawn into some shifty business. Taking its cue from the rhythm of their wanderings, the film stays very close to its protagonists, showing them in lonely moments at the river, rambling boisterously through Taipei’s club scene by night, among barkers at the market, and in quiet moments together. Again and again the tone and hence the mood of the film changes. ZUI SHENG MENG SI proves once again that young Taiwanese cinema does not have to avail itself of classical storytelling to fascinate its audience. These are lives in limbo, without fixed coordinates. In this way the film evolves into a portrait of manners, and a panorama of a society that does not appear to welcome its next generation.



    Gene YAO