That Cloud Never Left

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That Cloud Never Left

Directed by Yashaswini Raghunandan

  • India 2019; 65 min
  • Original version: Bengali
  • Genre: Documentary


In a village, not far from here, people use discarded reels of film to make loud toys. Rattlers, Whistles and Whirligigs. Every day a few hundred toys are made and for each one of those hundred toys, they splice, slit and rip filmstrips. As they follow this routine monotonously, a few narratives leak out from the shredded analogues of film and fumigate the place with phantasmagoria.
THAT CLOUD NEVER LEFT is a film that was made days before an eclipse, rotating the village into a mirage of unclear activity. The mother anticipated rain, while the two brothers built a tall ladder with a single eye, and the children went looking for a ruby.