The 12th Suspect

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The 12th Suspect

Directed by Ko Myoung-sung

  • South Korea 2019; 106 min
  • Original version: Korean
  • Genre: Drama


In late autumn of 1953, post-Korean war, the Oriental coffee house is located in a narrow alley of Myungdong. The coffee house is a shelter and hideout for artists. One late afternoon, Military Counter Intelligence Corps supervisor Gi-chae Kim enters the coffee house to investigate the murder of poet Du-hHwan Baek, a regular customer of the coffee house. The sudden death of the poet leaves the customers in shock, and the more Gi-chae Kim investigates, the more the customers start to suspect one another. During the investigation of the murder of Du-hwan Baek, it is uncovered that Yu-jung Choi, the university student who is beloved by the customers, has also been murdered. This aggravates suspicion amongst customers. With no witness and no evidence, the murder of Du- hwan Baek and Yu-jung Choi falls deeper into mystery and faces an unexpected turn of events that horrifies everyone.

Director's Statement

So called common sense, passive actions and policies have been unfolded within the short history of Korea. I think we have to face the fact that we have not looked at the truth under the name of education. I am not in a position to teach something. And there is no intention to force anything. Although this work might seem dirty, cowardly and lethal, I hope that it will be an opportunity to look at 'the truth' and 'us' in the history.




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