The Age of Anxiety

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    The Age of Anxiety

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    14 min

    • No dialogue


    THE AGE OF ANXIETY meditates on fin de siècle Thailand. The film deconstructs the hallucinatory film footages of the Thai melodrama of the 80’s into thousands of frantic fragments, like the violent stabs of disturbing memories, perpetual nightmares and reinventing histories, that ascend the viewers into the mind-expanding horizon of a fragile nation on the verge of madness.


    • Vichitmatra Award - Thai Short Film & Video Festival
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    Taiki Sakpisit

    Taiki Sakpisit


    Taiki Sakpisit is a visual artist and filmmaker from Bangkok. He applies cinematic skills to create haunting evocations of memory through the repetition and imperceptible manipulation of images. His films produce heightened and uneasy modes of spectatorship that often relate to the tumultuous socio-political climate in Thailand. Taiki’s moving images and experimental shorts have been presented at numerous exhibitions and film festivals, including International Film Festival Rotterdam, Images Festival, Yebisu International Festival for Art, Les Rencontres Internationales, Dallas Contemporary and Kunstverein Gottingen.
    His short THE MENTAL TRAVELLER (2019) is selected for the IFFR Tiger Short Competition.

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