The Apostate

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The Apostate (El apóstata)

Directed by Federico Veiroj

  • Spain, France, Uruguay 2015; 80 min
  • Original version: Spanish
  • Genre: Comedy drama
    • Miami Encuentros - Miami IFF
    • Special Mention, FIPRESCI Award - San Sebastián IFF

  • Toronto IFF


THE APOSTATE is a dramatic comedy that plunges into the scars of a young man who struggles to free himself of what he is unable to control. He submerges deep into issues of faith, guilt and desire. To apostate in the presence of authorities, deal with bureaucracy or to be a member of any group as something vital, seems to be the necessary passport, a cure to leave the past behind and welcome Ogalla's future, our antihero. Ogalla knows he doesn't want to be the person who he was before nor the person condemned if he were to follow his parents expectations; but to find his own path is very hard and, to start up, it seems helpful to turn his feelings into words. In the process of growing up as a late teenager and with the sincerity of whom addresses letters to a friend overseas, Ogalla goes over his weaknesses and miseries, the family heritage. This process of constant searching and questioning intertwines with: an old and intermittent relationship with his cousin, memories of his sexual renaissance, some confessions as a cruel child, the bond with a different kind of spirituality, his difficulties to follow the paternal path as a regular worker, the possibility of a change, the promises and the sweetness of a new maturity. While Ogalla takes us constantly to his tempestuous past, Madrid is revealed to us as a scenery of streets, tobacco stores, office buildings, parks and altars that helps us to picture Ogalla's real believes, how he loves and suffers this young man with a puzzling, tender and wild gaze.





    Federico Veiroj 

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    Sandro Fiorin