The Armadillo's Prophecy

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The Armadillo's Prophecy (La Profezia Dell’armadillo)

Directed by Emanuele Scaringi

  • Italy 2018; 99 min
  • Original version: Italian
  • Genre: Drama


Zero lives in the suburb of Rebibbia, Tiburtina Valley. Land of mammoths, acetate tracksuits and big hearts. Zero is a cartoonist but without a regular job, he muddles along from one piece of work to the next. His life always goes on in much the same way but, once he gets home, he finds his critical conscience waiting for him: an armadillo that, in conversations verging on the absurd, keeps him up to date with what is going on in the world. Zero is kept company on his daily wanderings by his friend Secco. The death of Camille, a girl he knew at school and his undeclared teenage love, obliges him to sort out his life and to face up, with his irreverent spirit, to the inability to communicate, doubts and lack of convictions of his “marginalised” generation.



    Domenico Procacci 


    Paolo del Brocco 

International Sales


    Sofia Kurdoglu