The Beast in the Jungle

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The Beast in the Jungle

Directed by Clara van Gool

  • Netherlands, Luxembourg 2019; 85 min
  • Original version: English
  • Genre: Drama


Weatherend House, 1903: John and May circle each other. She says they met, some 11 years ago. His voice-over describes his sense of being predestined for something, a premonition about 'the beast in the jungle' striking. What is it though? Love? Death?
Director Clara van Gool adapted Henry James’ novel of the same name into a poetic mix of costume drama and dance film. The characters’ movements sometimes develop into a choreography, with brief dances. John and May experience various moments together in different ages: in 1903, during World War II, during the 1960s – they dance the twist – and in the present. A melancholy story about time’s inexorable forward march, whilst waiting for the 'beast in the jungle', told through choreography, smart sound design, repeating dialogues and beautiful cinematography.

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    Yael Chouraqui, Yuan Rothbauer