The Bed

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The Bed (La Cama)

Directed by Mónica Lairana

  • Argentina, Germany, Netherlands, Brazil 2018; 95 min
  • Original version: Spanish
  • Genre: Fiction


A man and a woman, naked in bed together. They attempt to make love, but are no longer capable of finding a shared rhythm. She begins to cry, and he brings her a glass of water. They both remain silent – perhaps everything has already been said. Beautiful moments alternate with comical and sorrowful ones. She brings him vitamin tablets. When clearing out the wardrobe, they look at one another lovingly: When did they each wear this or that piece of clothing and in what situation? The two of them are usually nude. It is a nakedness that is not about exposing anything, perhaps more a habit from days spent together, or a response to the unrelenting heat. The only sound comes from the fan that provides fresh air.



    Gema Juarez Allen 


    Mónica Lairana 

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