The Best Thing You Can Do with Your Life

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The Best Thing You Can Do with Your Life

Directed by Zita Erffa

  • Mexico, Germany 2018; 93 min
  • Original version: Spanish, English, German
  • Genre: Documentary


Biblablublieren is a made-up word from the director’s childhood that means “talking after going to bed or without getting caught”. In this documentary, a young Zitaspends time with her brother Lázló for the first time in eight years since he entered the Legionaries of Christ as a novice. Their old ties of affection and camaraderie have clearly survived, but their reunion will touch on some uncomfortable subjects.The camera is a willing participant in this much-anticipated biblablublieren, during which the director will attempt to understand her brother’s motives and placate her moral reservations regarding the strict education Lázló has chosen for himself and the sinister shadow surrounding the leader of the order he has decided to join. The Best Thing also offers us a glimpse of daily life in this Catholic community and its innocent, fresh-faced novices, countered by searing criticism that occasionally crosses the line, but that has the wisdom to linger on the threshold where reason and logic can provide no answers; where only brotherly love can fathom the unfathomable. A commendable political portrait of faith in our time and a cathartic exercise in the dulling of pain.



    Zita Erffa