The Bold, the Corrupt and the Beautiful

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The Bold, the Corrupt and the Beautiful

Directed by Yang Ya Che

  • Taiwan 2017; 112 min
  • Original version: Mandarin, Cantonese, Taiwanese, Japanese
  • Genre: Drama
    • Audience Choice Award, Best Leading Actress (Kara Hui), Best Supporting Actress (Vicky Chen), Best Feature Film - Taipei Golden Horse FF


Lying, deceiving, making underhand deals and appeasing the Taiwanese elite: these are just some of the talents of the matriarch Tang Yue-ying, a modest-looking widow who will do anything to maintain and extend her power and wealth. She certainly needs these talents when she is connected to a scandal about the purchase of a piece of land. Especially when her two daughters – the rebellious Ning and the obedient Chen – indirectly become involved in the gruesome slaughter of a family of friends, a massacre that also seems to be related to the corruption case.




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    Desmond Yang