The Broker

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The Broker

Directed by Azadi Moghadam

  • Iran 2018; 61 min
  • Original version: Farsi
  • Genre: Documentary


In a traditional Iranian dating agency, the manager, Mrs. Sadri, and her female employees are dead set on finding their clients a husband—regardless of their personal feelings or preferences. Shuffling through files and making agitated phone calls, they constantly remind their mortified customers that it's the man who gets to choose, and that a woman without a spouse doesn't have an identity. Even a temporary marriage would be better than remaining unwed, they say. Which doesn't mean these surprising brokers don't harshly lecture their male clientele as well, or that their conservative views don't come with a good dose of humour—especially since two of them are, ironically, single. Shot almost entirely inside a tiny office, The Broker conveys a sense of claustrophobia that mirrors many women's situations, and offers a shocking, tragicomic reminder that the fiercest agents of the patriarchy aren't always men.