The Cannibal Club

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    The Cannibal Club

    O Clube dos Canibais

    Directed by



    81 min

    • Portuguese

    Dark Comedy

    A beautiful day on the Brazilian coast. Stinking-rich Gilda lies beside her pool with a cocktail, while her husband Octavio fills a plate with grilled meat - human meat, we soon discover. The villa's toiling cleaner has no idea he is soon destined to be served up in neat slices on a plate. Delightfully crazy, this Brazilian satire about an elite club that secretly organises chic dinners where the main ingredients are rampant sex and the flesh of simple souls. When Gilda accidentally discovers that the leader has a hidden side, her and Octavio's futures hang in the balance. Guto Parente has made a blow-up of society that is as gruesome as it is funny. A world in which the very richest think they are unassailable, laugh and boast about infidelity, murder at will with impunity, meanwhile complaining about the uncouth thugs wandering the streets. Locked up in their ivory towers, they just wait until reality catches up with them.


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    Ana Luiza Rios
    Tavinho Teixeira
    Zé Maria
    Pedro Domingues
    Rodrigo Fernandes
    Guto Parente
    Lucas Barbi
    Luiz Pretti
    Ricardo Pretti
    Fernando Catatau
    Guto Parente

    Guto Parente


    Guto Parente was born in 1983 in Fortaleza, Brazil. He finished his film studies in 2008 at Escola do Audiovisual de Fortaleza and from 2008 until 2016 was member of the collective of artists Alumbramento, period where he wrote and directed seven shorts and six feature films, most of them made with small crews, fast shootings and very low budgets. By the end of that period, Guto Parente and Ticiana Augusto Lima, his creative partner and producer since 2011, founded the production company Tardo Films, while Alumbramento came to an end. Guto's works had exhibitions in film festivals such as Locarno, Rotterdam, Viennale, AFI, FidMarseille, Bafici, among others. Recently, Guto has directed two new feature films, MY OWN PRIVATE HELL and THE CANNIBAL CLUB, both to be released in 2018.

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