The Components of Love

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The Components of Love (Die Einzelteile der Liebe)

Directed by Miriam Bliese

  • Germany 2019; 97 min
  • Original version: German
  • Genre: Drama


When Sophie and Georg meet and start to fall in love, she is pregnant from her ex boyfriend who has left her. Georg naturally grows into the role of a father to the newborn child Jakob. The composed family has to deal with the usual issues of modern parenthood: Who is allowed to work, who takes care of the kid? How much freedom is possible, how much sacrifice must be made? And is there room for passion in the midst of all this? A few years later, Georg and Sophie are separated. Jakob is six years old and his parents are desperately fighting over his custody. Until Sophie’s new boyfriend starts to mediate between the parties.


  • DFFB


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