The Creation of Meaning

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    The Creation of Meaning

    La creazione di significato

    Directed by

    Canada, Italy


    90 min

    • Italian


    THE CREATION OF MEANING is set in the Tuscan Alps, where German occupying forces massacred hundreds of civilians during WWII, and follows the daily life of Pacifico, a shepherd born in the wake of the war among those same breathtaking landscapes. The film blurs fiction, documentary and anthropology to explore the transient nature of meaning while capturing what Borges calls an Aleph, an allegorical singularity in space and time where past, present and future overlap and intertwine.


    • Best Emerging Director - Locarno IFF



    Pacifico Pieruccioni
    Alexander Auf der Heyde
    Benjamin Auf der Heyde
    Siria Battelli
    Bartolomeo Puccetti
    Simone Rapisarda Casanova
    Simone Rapisarda Casanova
    Simone Rapisarda Casanova
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    A work which blurs all easy definitions by combining an idealized representation of life in the countryside, an incisive political analysis and a deep look at the Italian & European financial crisis.

    Valentina D'Amico,

    Remarkable for its vibrancy and generosity […] full of wry humour and rich with unexpected pleasures and marvels. [...] Under the rustic relics of the past and the calamities of the present, Rapisarda Casanova uncovers a few traces of the infinite.

    Jason Anderson, Cinema Scope

    Simone  Rapisarda Casanova

    Simone Rapisarda Casanova


    To make sense of the world that surrounds us we tell stories, even if we know that they are ephemeral as our lives. My film tells a simple story where the viewer is invited to seek out the narrative threads running between past and present and in thus doing so partake in an ephemeral creation of meaning.

    Simone Rapisarda Casanova was born in rural Sicily and inherited his first camera as a child when his father died in a car accident. Raised by a mother that taught him how to read on Italo Calvino’s "The Baron in the Trees", he dreams to go live one day on a tree to make a film on his anarchist cat. He currently lives in Montreal, Canada.

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