The Dark Wind

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The Dark Wind (Reseba)

Directed by Hussein Hassan

  • Iraq, Germany, Qatar 2016; 92 min
  • Original version: Kurdish, Arabic
  • Genre: Drama
    • Best Fiction Feature, Best Muhr Fiction Feature - Dubai IFF
    • Grand Newcomer Award - IFF Mannheim-Heidelberg
    • APSA Cultural Diversity Award - Asia Pacific Screen Awards
    • Audience Award (Fiction), Lyceen Jury Prize - FICA Vesoul


Reko (33) and Pero (23) are a Yazidi couple preparing for their wedding, when ISIS fighters attack their village. Young Yazidi girls, including Pero, are sold as slaves and are tortured and raped. Reko, who escapes the attack as he was at work as a security guard at an American oil firm, is devastated by the attack. While searching for his family and Pero, he witnesses the tragic consequences of the attacks on the Yazidis. Eventually, he finds his family and Pero, who has been liberated and in a refugee camp. A sweeping narrative of love and courage against the backdrop of one of the most horrific war crimes of our time.