The Deflowering of Eva van End

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The Deflowering of Eva van End

Directed by Michiel ten Horn

  • Netherlands 2012; 98 min
  • Original version: Dutch, English, German
  • Genre: Drama


Etty, her husband Evert and their children Erwin, Manuel and Eva are a perfectly normal family, who over the years have developed a slightly dysfunctional way of relating to one another. Then, all of a sudden, the incarnation of perfection enters their lives, embodied by the German exchange student Veit. With his arrival, doubt, insecurity, fear and desire invade the Van End family. During the two weeks of Veit’s stay, all five family members start to reinvent themselves, as they feel increasingly alienated from themselves and from each other. But in the end, it’s not perfection they are looking for...




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