The Element of Crime

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The Element of Crime (Suç Unsuru)

Directed by Süleyman Arda Eminçe

  • Turkey 2018; 81 min
  • Original version: Turkish
  • Genre: Drama, Comedy


Celal and Buğra are two close friends and housemates. One morning, while deeply asleep in the house they just moved in, they are unexpectedly taken into custody by Captain Baran and his squad, as lead suspects in an investigation. Acting on a formal denouncement and a warrant, Captain Baran and his squad focus on these two they deem weird and odd. While the squad search the house for any hard evidence as much as the cat allows, Baran tries to weigh these two with his interrogation. The search continues as new doubts are raised and the conversation between Baran, Celal and Buğra move to another level.



    Behlül Berk Parça