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The End of the Chain

Not available for screening anymore

The End of the Chain

Directed by Priit Pääsuke

  • Estonia 2017; 81 min
  • Original version: Estonian
  • Genre: Drama

  • From the director of AFTER HOURS presented at Baltic Event


A dreary morning at a fast-food restaurant with not a soul in sight – it bodes nothing good. An idea for a cultural interlude that would liven up the place turns tragic, foreshadowing the atmosphere of the entire day. The fact is, everyone who arrives, instead of ordering a burger, tries to involve the nice waitress in the kind of trouble it’s best not even to know about. On top of that, a visit from her parents, who are disappointed by their daughter’s dead-end life, only brings on greater bitterness, while an obliging philosopher sums up her job concisely: a pointless activity that obviates the need for a brain. Can such a day ever turn out well?



    Marianne Ostrat 

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    Sigrid Saag