The Enemy Lines

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The Enemy Lines (Les lignes enemies)

Directed by Denis Côté

  • Canada 2010; 43 min
  • Original version: French
  • Genre: Short, War

  • Other Jeonju Digital Project 2010 films: Hold on, Rosalind! by Matías Piñeiro and Pig Iron by James Benning.

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Six men. The forest. The menace is there somewhere. Armed, ready, looking for action, they wander, day and night, striving for a confrontation.

Director's Statement

Masculinity is a terrible thing to waste. That was probably the first impulse surrounding the formation of this film. Then came the idea of war, which is more interesting than war itself. For shadowing danger is also much more intriguing than the materialization of menace itself. Those were the conceptual elements of what became an abstract story of group loneliness and intimacy; a fake war film with endearing toy soldiers wandering and wondering what the next adventure is made or unmade of.

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