The Ex-wife
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    The Ex-wife


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    90 min

    • Swedish

    Comedy drama

    With just as much humor as seriousness, THE EX-WIFE portrays three relations with three women. An accurate satire of the process of life—from falling in love to divorce.
    The girlfriend Klara has recently fallen in love and wants nothing more than to hang out with her boyfriend. The mother-of-two Anna clocks how long it takes for her husband to cook baby formula. The ex-wife Vera can't let go of her ex-husband. The feature-film debuting Katja Wik presents a squib right on the money about women's tendency to, both consciously and unconsciously, limit themselves in their close relationships of two. Each frame conveys the film's theme of power manipulation and Katja Wik's neologism "victim-mentality rhetoric" (offerrollsretorik) is used by all parties as an effective weapon. Without stagnating in bitterness, The Ex-wife serves as a funhouse mirror reflecting this disturbing trait, which most of us can recognize, but which few dare to acknowledge.


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    Maria Sundbom
    Nina Zanjani
    Ellen Olaison
    Robin Keller
    Karl Linnertorp
    Katja Wik
    Martin Top Jacobsen
    Daniel Takacs
    Nokokure Zaire
    Katja Wik
    Petter Utbult

    Director's Statement

    The concept set out in THE EX-WIFE comes from my observations of female behaviour over several generations. With this film, I want to look at the limitations that women both consciously and subconsciously set up for themselves. How is it that so many women find they cannot fulfil themselves when in a relationship? The purpose of the film is to address a topic that can generate discussion, with the aim of breaking old habits and changing direction.

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    Katja Wik

    Katja Wik


    Writer and director Katja Wik won the Startsladden Audience Award at Göteborg Film Festival 2013 with her short film debut VICTIM-MENTALITY RHETORIC. She is also known for her former work as a casting director for feature films FORCE MAJEURE (2014), PLAY (2011) and INVOLUNTARY (2008) by Ruben Östlund, as well as Roy Andersson films and numerous commercials. She has a Master of Fine Arts in Film from University of Gothenburg, Valand Academy. THE EX-WIFE is her debut feature.

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