The Fake

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    The Fake


    Directed by

    South Korea


    101 min

    • Korean

    Animation, Thriller

    Busan IFF

    A small rural village is on the verge of being flooded to construct a hydro-electric dam. Scared and confused about the future, the entire community’s only hope is with a church and its leaders who have promised to relocate them to a new housing development, a promised land. When ex-convict and religious skeptic Min-chul discovers that the church leaders are wanted criminals that are defrauding the flock, the town’s authorities ignore his claims and the villagers declare him possessed by the devil. Plagued by his reputation, Min-chul takes matters into his own hands to reveal the truth behind the corrupt ministry.



    Yang Ikjune
    Oh Jungse
    Kwon Haehyo
    Park Heevon
    Yeon Sangho
    Lee Yuenjung


    ...Yeon Sangho's sophomore feature is a ferocious, unsubtle indictment of organized religion.

    Justin Chang, Variety

    Sangho Yeon

    Sangho Yeon

    South Korea

    I want to draw out the emotions expressively. That's why the story is more dramatic than most live-action films and why the characters look more monstrous.

    Born in Seoul, Korea, Sangho Yeon graduated from Sangmyung University with a degree in Western Painting and set up his own production house, Studio Dadashow, in 2004. His short animations, THE HELL: TWO KINDS OF LIFE (2006) and LOVE IS PROTEIN (2008), were invited to and awarded at various international film festivals. Yeon directed the animated opening trailer for Busan IFF in 2010. His first feature-length animation THE KING OF PIGS (2011) was the winner of three awards – the DGK Award, Movie Collage Award, and NETPAC Award – at the 16th Busan IFF and was invited to the Directors’ Fortnight at Cannes 2012. His second animation feature film THE FAKE was presented at Toronto IFF along with Annecy IAFF. In 2016, he presented his live-action debut TRAIN TO BUSAN at Cannes IFF and returned to Annecy IAFF with SEOUL STATION.

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