The Father's Shadow

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The Father's Shadow (A Sombra do Pai)

Directed by Gabriela Amaral Almeida

  • Brazil 2018; 95 min
  • Original version: Portuguese
  • Genre: Drama


When a child becomes the “grownup”, it defies the natural order of things. Childhood becomes a saga. And paternity damnation. The film tells the story of a father and daughter unable to communicate. After her mother’s death, the 9-year-old Dalva sees her father, the bricklayer Jorge, become consumed by sadness after losing his best friend. Dalva believes she has supernatural powers and can bring her mother back to life. As Jorge becomes more absent – and eventually dangerous – Dalva is left with nothing but the hope that, indeed, her mother will return.​






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    Lison Hervé