The Fool

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The Fool (Durak)

Directed by Yury Bykov

  • Russia 2014; 116 min
  • Original version: Russian
  • Genre: Drama
    • Leopard for Best Actor (Artem Bystrov), Ecumenical Prize, FICC / IFFS Jury Special Mention, 1st Junior Jury Prize - FF Locarno
    • Cristal Arrow Award, Best Cinematography, Young Jury Prize - Les Arcs European FF
    • Jury Award - Belgrade IFF


Dima Nikitin is a simple and honest plumber who works in a small Russian town. Except for his unusual integrity, nothing makes him stand out of the crowd, until one night in a dorm mainly occupied by drunkards and outcasts, the pipes burst, endangering the occupants. Everybody needs to be immediately evacuated but nobody cares, so Nikitin sets off on a night-long odyssey to fight an entire system of corrupt bureaucrats.

Director's Statement

My film represents most of Russian life. Not the past, but the models of human relations that have existed for hundreds of years in Russia.




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