The Forbidden Fashion

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    The Forbidden Fashion

    La Moda Proibita

    Directed by



    57 min

    • Italian


    THE FORBIDDEN FASHION (2019) follows and documents for some years the activity of the icon Robert Capucci of international high fashion. The docufilm is a triumph of colors and elegance thanks to the famous "sculpture dresses". The film encompasses great testimonials from people such as Anna Fendi, soprano Raina Kabaivanska, princess Maria Pace Odescalchi, directors of the major museums in the world.


    Roberto Capucci
     Anna Fendi
     Eike Schmidt
     Sidival Fila
     Ottavio Rosati
     Luca Bonanni
     Pier Luigi Luisi
     Princess Maria Pace Odescalchi
     Adriana Mulassano
     Raina Kabaivanska
     Silvia Ferino
     Rita Levi-Montalcini
     Enrico Minio
     Francesco Marzano
     Serena Angelini
     Gina Cimmino
     Matteo Maimone
     Fabrizio Del Noce
     Antonio Cirillo
     Niccolo Rizzini
     Alessandro Scilipoti
     Alessandro Cecchi Paone
     Claudio Widman
    Filippo Orrù
    Nicolai Berger
    Alessandro Carlini
    Luca Carlini
    Cesare Bifulco
    Filippo Orrù
    Massimo Fiocchi
    Davide Minotti
    Pasquale Laino
    Ottavio Rosati

    Ottavio Rosati


    Director and psychodramatist, in Rome he runs the Videotherapy and Psychodrama Training School, IPOD (Institute for Psychodrama in Dynamic Orientation) recognized by MIUR. He founded the PLAYS production house. He has worked for years as a lyrical critic for the AGL newspapers and as a film critic of the Festival del Cinema di Venezia for Rai Radiotre. Since 1973 he has been involved in various cultural tv shows and has also produced scientific documentaries on the history of psychology. Since 1993 (previously with Alessandro Cecchi Paone) he has been presenting a family production on television "Family Psychologist" (for three years on Raidue). In 2001 he conducted with Alfredo Antonaros 21 episodes of the "Pappafreud" program for RaiSat. He worked for years at the TG3 "Teatro e Psyche" tv section with Moreno Cerquetelli and Rosanna Cancellieri. For the Teatro Stabile di Torino, he created the series "Play the Dream, Film the Game" with Milena Vukotic, Alessandro Haber and Rosalia Maggio, and directed Pirandello's “Ciascuno a suo modo” as sociodrama. For Raitre, he makes two series of the first TV program on real public psychodrama: "Da Storia nasce Storia" (From a story a story is born) that aroused great criticism. The video-book of the same name is edited by Nuova Eri. With Tania di Martino he wrote for Rai Cinema the screenplay for a film by Nelo Risi "Diary of a Secret Symmetry" based on Aldo Carotenuto's book about Freud, Jung and Sabine Spielrein's story. He has produced thirty short films on psychoplay and socioplay by "The Game of the Clock" (prod CeIS, 1987) at "The Lead and the Gold of Forgiveness" on the Israeli Palestine Conflict (Ministry of Foreign Affairs), all on the Canal You Tube Ipodplays. He wrote and directed three docufilms: "Love Generations: Portrait of Fernanda Pivano" (produced by Plays and Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia, 2001), "Fantasmi al Valle" with Leo Gullotta on the play by Ezio Donato on Pirandello and Moreno (Cinecittà Holding and Teatro Stabile di Catania, 2012) and a docufilm for television on life and work by Roberto Capucci, THE FORBIDDEN FASHIO in collaboration with Jean Vigo Italia.