The Fragments (My Mouth, My Revolt, My Name)
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    The Fragments (My Mouth, My Revolt, My Name)

    Les Éclats (Ma gueule, ma révolte, mon nom)

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    84 min

    • French
    • English
    • Farsi

    Documentary, Experimental

    Sylvain George compiled this gripping, gritty black & white film from images from his earlier documentary QU’ILS REPOSENT EN REVOLTE (DES FIGURES DE GUERRES I) from 2010. In it he shows about three years in the lives of illegal immigrants who have become stranded in the Northern French port of Calais, on their way to England. They are the 'people without papers', mainly men of North African origin or from the Middle East. They are staying here illegally and spend their time surviving and fleeing the police.
    In an experimental form, FRAGMENTS shows scenes from the everyday lives of these people on the fringes of a Western society in which they are not welcome. Cool registrations of the cluttered, hostile no-man’s-land and warlike images of pursuit are juxtaposed with interviews in which several men talk frankly about how they feel. This provides painful stories and insights into the fact that these men are not looking for a ‘better life’ but are fleeing to stay alive.


    Valérie Dréville
    Sylvain George
    Sylvain George
    Sylvain George


    George provides an impressive and poetic picture of this hunted group, largely filmed in black-and-white...


    Sylvain George

    Sylvain George


    I make the films I want to see, films that I feel are an emergency; they are necessary.

    After Sylvain George (1968, Vaulx-en-Velin, France) graduated in Philosophy and worked as a social worker, he eventually made the decision to follow his dreams and became a filmmaker. Inspired by the work of the philosopher Walter Benjamin, he makes short and feature-length documentaries in which immigration plays an important role.

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