The Furies

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    The Furies

    Directed by



    82 min

    • English


    Kayla and her best friend are abducted and dumped in the middle of nowhere. Together with five other women, they are unwilling participants in a deadly game. A game that can only have one winner.



    Airlie Dodds
    Linda Ngo
    Taylor Fegurson
    Ebony Vagulans with Danielle Horvat and Tom O’Sullivan.
    Tony D’Aquino
    Garry Richards
    Adrian Rostirolla

    Director's Statement

    I’m a lifelong genre fan and have a passion for horror. I want to scare people. THE FURIES is full-tilt horror - an entertaining, exciting and emotional experience. A terrifying tale of survival and revenge that the hordes of horror fans will love.The subtext of THE FURIES is that we live in a male-dominated and misogynist society. It is not offering or proposing approval of that society. It is doing the exact opposite, doing what horror is meant to do -digging up what lies underneath the surface and putting in on the slab for all to see. THE FURIES sits squarely in, and embraces the Slasher genre. And that means there are a number of violent deaths. But my intent is to subvert the stereotypical depiction of the female as victim. None of the girlsin the film are portrayed as glamorous victims who are just standing around waiting to be killed. They are active agents who drive the narrative.



    D’Aquino neatly weaves stalk-and-kill thrills with tense psychological drama.

    Richard Kuipers, The Hollywood Reporter

    Tony D’Aquino

    Tony D’Aquino


    Tony D’Aquino is a highly experienced, awardwinning writer and director. A graduate of theprestigious VCA School of Film and Television, hehas directed music videos, television commercials,short films and television drama with budgetsranging from zero to over a million dollars.He is an adaptable and inventive director who haswon multiple awards for his commercial work andshorts films. In 2006, he was personally selectedby Bryan Brown as a rising talent and invited towrite and direct an episode of the innovative Channel 9 TV series -TWO TWISTED. His episode, “Arkham’s Curios and Wonders” was the highest rating of the series.Tony brings a unique combination of life experience to the creative process offilmmaking, which has resulted in a track record of delivering innovative projects ontime, on budget and in a positive manner that fosters artistic risk taking and highachievement.